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whey isolate 90% gain muscle and lose fat
30 grams protein per scoop. gain muscle and lose weight
InnoSlim helps glucose absorption
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Whey Protein | Keto | Whey Protein For Weight Loss | Designed for Protein Shake | Kosher | Halal

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Whey Isolate Protein Powder - Best Whey Protein For Weight Loss | Complete Protein | Keto Friendly | Gain Muscle and Lose Weight 2LB by Fast Protein. Whey powder includes InnoSlim for your weight management.  Kosher & Halal. No Artificial Sweetener. 


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  • Whey agglomerated in an NSF-certified/FDA-compliant packaging manufacturing. Kosher, Halal, EU, and SQF certifications for food safety & quality
  • Designed for protein shake and protein smoothie to make your own. It can also be taken as a protein powder for weight loss. Best protein to add to your diet to get 50 grams of protein with each meal
  • Keto friendly and Full Transparent Label

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Keto Whey Protein Powder FAQ

Is whey gluten free? Yes. Whey is naturally gluten free

Is your whey protein considered a clean label? Yes. It does not contain any artificial sweetener, flavor, color, and other unnatural ingredients

Is whey protein isolate a lactose free protein powder? Our whey powder is 98% lactose free

How many protein shakes a day? You may take up to 3 scoops daily to boost your metabolism and gain muscle

Is your Whey Protein Keto Friendly? Yes is Keto, and is the best whey protein for weight loss

InnoSlim to help with weight management


build muscle and boost metabolism