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 Current Job Openings

Team Fast Protein Athlete Sponsorship

A Team Fast Protein Athlete is willing and able to promote the Fast Protein Whey Protein Powder range of products online (Instagram, Facebook, YouTube) and to appear at shows and events. An Athlete Sponsorship is typically reserved for those who have reached the top of their game.  Other factors include; a fan base and a solid/commanding presence (online and in-person). If you are an athlete and have what it takes, please email us at: to submit your information. 

protein shaker by fast protein athlete

Team Fast Protein Social Media Influencer

Collaborate with Fast Protein LLC and help spread the word to drive sales for us at our website and on Amazon (coming soon). Instagram: You will show Fast Protein products in a suitable environment to the products and context. At the same time, your followers receive a unique discount code, which we use to evaluate further collaborations.  Criteria: Instagram account with a minimum of 1000 flowers, with an average of 10% engagement (exceptions may occur depending on content).  Content: The content we are looking for is Gym, Fitness, Sport, and Adventure. Terms: You publish 2 Instagram posts on your wall and 2 Instagram Stories containing a review of the Fast Protein products you’ve ordered and tried via samples promoting Fast Protein to your followers and reach weekly. Include @fastproteinllc and #fastprotein and your unique follower discount code in the posts. Include @fastprotein and your unique follower discount code in the stories. If you have more than 10.000 followers, add a Swipe-up link to if you have high subscribers on the YouTube channel. Video(s) will be a great way to educate the consumers and increase traffic to the Fast Protein website. Please send us an email and let us know why you would make an excellent Fast Protein LLC influencer, and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible. Note! At this moment, we only accept applications from the United States. Please note that the offer you choose is binding and that we may claim monetary compensation corresponding to the reward you’ve received if you haven’t completed your end of the deal as proposed below. 

Follow us on Instagram @fastprotein and send us an email at:

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Team Fast Protein Online Ambassador

If you’re into training and supplements, then the Team Fast Protein Online Ambassador Program is for you! Participants become part of our V.I.P. program. You can earn Fast Protein supplements and promotional items. You will get breaking news and get a chance to be involved in pre-release product testing. We are looking for people who know the Fitness industry and are passionate about advocating our supplements on Instagram to a large and highly engaged group of followers. Those exceptional at developing engaging content online will be incredible Team Fast Protein Online Ambassadors. Please email us and let us know how you may assist us. 

Team Fast Protein Demo Staff

They are calling All Sports and Fitness Enthusiasts Across the US! Fast Protein LLC Nutrition is hiring Team Fast Protein Demo Reps to spread the word about our high-performance sports nutrition protein powders in cities all across the U.S. This is an exciting opportunity for students, personal trainers, and fitness enthusiasts everywhere who want to share their expertise in a fun and stimulating environment and get great experience in the fitness industry. You must be energetic, personable, self-motivated, athletic, and knowledgeable in fitness and sports nutrition.

Fast Protein is a nutrition supplement brand founded by experts in San Jose, California. Fast Protein helps everyday consumers and high-performers achieve their fitness goals with clean, premium protein powder. Fast Protein's mission is to raise quality, taste, and safety standards.  Fast Protein provides consumers the tools to elevate their workout regimen and optimize their everyday diet—healthy eating with every scoop. We look forward to hearing from you and getting the opportunity to collaborate with you.