What are benefits of Whey Protein? Fast Protein explains
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What are benefits of Whey Protein? Fast Protein explains

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What are Whey Protein benefits? Are you overwhelmed by all the choices you see in the protein sections of a vitamin store? The choices seem endless. The hard-core athletes know what to buy, but how about you? At Fast Protein, we have done the hard work for you, so you don't have to. 

FAST PROTEIN is an advanced formulation with only 5 ingredients with important protein components to feed your muscle for up to 8 hours. Fast Protein has better absorption and is full of Essential Amino Acids to help your daily nutrition needs.

  • 25g Protein per scoop (1 scoop only -  Complete Protein)
  • 5.64g BCAAs per serving
  • 10g Essential Amino Acids (EAAs) per serving
  • Our single-serve to-go sachet is Convenient, Simple, Easy (Tear, Pour, Drink). Take it to the office, gym, beach
  • Only 140 Calory per scoop (Reduced fat & carb)
  • Only 2 g natural sugar per scoop - No added sugar
  • Zero Aspartame - Zero Gluten
  • Instant Mix - Instantized to  improve mixability with no Clumping
  • Can also be taken on non-training days with breakfast and meals
  • Superior Fast Absorption
  • No Fillers, No Preservatives, No negative attributes. No Hydrogenated Palm Oil, No Hormones, No Artificial Colors. No Trans fat. No Hydrogenated fat or Palm oil. 
  • Anytime formula: great before or after exercise, between meals, during meals.
  • It helps control hunger by keeping you going all day.
  • Recyclable packaging use 90% less plastic.
  • Sourced and Proudly made in the USA.
  • Packed in the State of California in a registered and licensed facility with the California Department of Public Health. 
  • 10% of your purchase amount goes towards social impact and helping farmers in poor areas of the world via our philanthropic partnership with Fair Trade USA

Fast Protein | Collagen Powder

Best Used For:

  • Weight Management and optimizing nutrition
  • Muscle Growth, Definition, Recovery, Lean body
  • Better Nutrition, Performance, and Healthy Metabolism
  • More Sustaining Energy
  • A Healthy Snack alternative

Post-Training Rapid Replenishment

  • muscle recovery and muscle gain
  • supports body fat loss by reducing calorie intake
  • promotes Protein Synthesis and Performance
  • delicious taste
  • Increase muscle mass for an effective workout
  • easy to mix and easy to digest
  • Increase the protein content of meals and snacks
  • a healthy snack alternative to your breakfast, and in-between meals. 
  • nutrition, growth, BCAA, endurance, amino acids and minerals
  • the premium whey protein mix in your smoothie
  • It provides protein and essential amino acids such as Leucine which is good for increasing muscle growth
  • Essential Hydration and Nutrition
  • On-The-Go Replenishment
  • No Sugar Crash
  • Anytime Energy, Anywhere Snack, Anyone can Enjoy!

Serving size: One Scoop (34g)

Servings per bag: 32 serving for 2Lb bag (907g) 

Fast  Protein is a formula rich in Whey protein, with low-fat content, and a reduced concentration of carbohydrates. Contains 100% Whey Protein and BCAA’s 

Enjoy 1 single-serve sachet during training and another after training. Its Simple, Easy and Convenient! 

Skip High-Sugar Products

Many protein powders come in sweet flavors. Some companies use a slew of sweeteners like corn syrup, fructose, and rice flour to make their products taste delicious (not to mention Palm Oil).

Look for protein powders with under 4 grams of sugar per serving. Fast Protein has only 2 grams of sugar per serving. Enjoy 100%  Instant Whey Protein Powder by Fast Protein.

Most popular flavors: Keto Protein Powder 

Protein Supplements by Fast Protein


Don't use whey protein if you have an allergy or sensitivity to dairy products.

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