What is Whey?
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What is Whey?

If you are looking to increase muscle, the most important macronutrient to focus on is protein. Protein is made up of amino acids, which are the building blocks your body uses to make muscle. Whether you are looking to bulk up and build mass, or lose fat and build lean muscle tissue, a diet high in protein can help you reach these goals. Protein powders are a fast, convenient way to add more protein to your diet. However, when it comes to building muscle, new research shows that not all protein is created equal.

What Type of Protein is the Best for Building Muscle?

Protein helps your body repair muscle, build new muscle, minimize soreness, and keeps you fuller longer. Protein powder is a fast, easily accessible form of protein that you can easily fit into any diet. There are countless types of protein powders out there including whey, casein, pea, rice, hemp, and more. However, new research suggests that the most efficient protein powder for building strength and lean muscle mass is whey protein.  

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What Makes Whey Protein So Great for Building Muscle?

Two key components when it comes to assessing the quality of a protein is the presence of key amino acids and digestibility. In other words, does it have the correct building blocks your body needs to build muscle, and how easily can your body access these building blocks? A Nutrition and Metabolism study measured the level of leucine in different types of protein powder. According to Shape Magazine, leucine has been proven to be very effective in getting muscles to process protein. The same study also did a review of how different proteins affected lean muscle mass. Whey was the clear winner for building muscle mass, because it contains the highest concentration of important amino acids (such as leucine) and is easy to digest. The results of this study apply not only to those who do large amounts of strength and resistance training, but also those who do not. High quality sources of protein can help anyone build lean muscle mass, though those that did lift weights see better and faster results.

Is Fast Protein A Good Choice to Build Muscle?

Fast Protein Powder

All of Fast Protein’s protein powders are made using high-quality, great tasting whey. This means it is easily digestible and contains high amounts of the most important amino acids for building muscle. This means you get the biggest bang for your buck in each scoop, which each contains high-quality whey with no fillers or unhealthy additives. And with a variety of flavors to pick from, there’s a Fast Protein for everybody!

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