Should I Eat More Calories Now That I workout?
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Should I Eat More Calories Now That I workout?

Should I Eat More Calories now that I Workout? This is a question that we all ask ourselves.

This is an excellent question with multiple answers. Ultimately, the number of calories you should eat depends on a number of factors. These include:

  • The goal of the workout. Training for an event? Trying to lose weight?
  • The duration of the workout. Going for 30 or 60 minutes?
  • The intensity of the workout. Is this a walk or intense 5K run at least 3 times a week?

Let’s dive into a few scenarios to better answer this question.

If you’re in for an intense session or going for the long haul yes, absolutely, you need more calories. Calories give you the energy to bust through your workout. Insufficient calorie intake will most likely lead to decreased performance and fatigue. Not getting in enough calories over time can lead to anemia, bone loss, muscle loss, menstrual dysfunction, injury, compromised immunity, decreased muscle mass and decreased metabolism.

The number of extra calories will depend on the length of activity, the intensity of activity, age, gender, and weight, workout days and non-workout days.

To help you meet your calorie goal spread calories throughout the day and include pre- and post-workout supplements. Follow this simple guide to help you meet your caloric goal:

 Pre-workout: Have a pre-workout supplement 30 minutes beforehand. Avoid heavy foods as can cause an upset stomach during your workout. We recommend MHP pre-workout. It is backed with years of research to help you optimize your work out.  

Intra-workout: You need to sustain your energy. Why most elite athletes in the world consume Gatorade when practicing or training? Because it has sodium and sugar. You will find both, although in a more moderate amount, plus complete protein in only one (1) scoop of Fast Protein LLC Whey Protein Powder. It provides 25g of pure protein with more than 10g of EAAs, with 2g natural sugar and 85ml of sodium, in a single serving size. 

Post- Workout: To promote a speedy recovery, refuel within 1 hour of your sweat session. Choose a supplement that contains protein, a little of complex carbohydrates and EAAs that include BACCs. This will replenish, encourage muscle repair, and minimize muscle breakdown. Our recommendation is Dark Matter MHP post-workout. 

Trying to shed a few pounds? When weight loss is part of the goal, many times, no you don’t need more calories. Generally low to moderate exercise under 60 minutes doesn’t need any additional fuel. When focusing on losing weight the goal is to burn more calories than you consume. Too big of a calorie deficit can cause you to lose weight too quickly which can cause a decrease in metabolism, hair loss, and decreased muscle mass. The goal is to lose about .5-2lbs per week, anything more than that is too much. If you are losing weight too rapidly (which may sound nice but it won’t help you long term) add in additional calories on workout days. 

Simply said, we have to look at the big picture and multiple factors to decide whether to boost calories on workout days or not. As always, fill your day with energy from nutrient-dense supplements. Your goal should be to boost your metabolism not suppress it. 

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