Protein-4-Kids | Feeding the world & Protecting our planet | Fish Prot
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Protein-4-Kids | Feeding the world & Protecting our planet | Fish Protein

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Saving Children's Lives: One Bag at a Time with Our Life-Saving Product: Fast Protein® Fish Protein Powered by APP®

indian kids with APP RUSF v2 (Medium)

1 kg of APP® sold = 1 lifesaving food package and/or meal donated

Freedom from food insecurity, hunger and malnutrition is a fundamental human right for every person. Together we our partners and vendors, we are deeply committed to protecting this right by helping improve the lives of malnourished children. Protein-4-Kids program to fight the hunger crisis across the globe.

Through our Protein-4-Kids giveback program, every kilogram of APP® sold commercially will result in the donation of a life-sustaining food packet to qualified NGO and non-profit organizations that aid the global fight against hunger and malnutrition.

Fish Protein by Fast Protein


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