Does Whey Protein Make You Fat? Fast Protein Explains
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Does Whey Protein Make You Fat? Fast Protein Explains

Does Whey Protein make you fat? How much whey protein per day? What is one of the most prevalent misconceptions about taking a whey protein powder supplement? The most asked question is will it make you bulky?

Whey protein in the recommended portion, will not make you gain weight nor make you bulky. While becoming very muscular requires consistent training, gaining a lot of weight will also require a regular calorie surplus in your diet and can take years to accomplish. 

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Whey Protein is one of the best, if not the best, form of protein supplement you can take today without the concern that it makes you bulk up. So, go ahead and use two scoops daily (preferrably combined with resistance training). Fast Protein recommends one scoop with breakfast, and one scoop after a workout. We believe, on the contrary, that our whey powder not only doesn't make you gain weight but, it can assist you in losing weight when consumed in conjunction with proper diet, cardio excercise and weight training or resistance excercise. 

Protein is important to aid in muscle repair and growth. At the risk of sounding vague, if gaining muscle mass was that easy, then, Sumo wrestlers would only consume protein powder. 

One lose about 5% muscle mass a year after the age of 30, so is necessary to consume adequate protein every day with each meal. Whey Protein side effects - you might ask, but gaining weight or increasing insulin resistance is not part of it. If weight loss is the primary goal, choosing a protein shake with no added sugars, dextrins, or maltodextrins is important. 

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