Is Sucralose a Good Sweetener?
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Is Sucralose a Good Sweetener?

A lot of protein powder products use Sucralose in their formulation, but is it safe to consume? You want to use a sweetener that does not spike your insulin. Here are some of the benefits of Sucralose:

  • Low in Glycemic Index (GI). Sucralose is zero on GI
  • Sucralose is not hard to digest (unlike some other sweeteners)
  • Does not have an after taste
  • Is FDA approved

What are the types of sweeteners used in Fast Protein products?

We’ve tried and tested different ratios to come up with the perfect combination, so you get all of the goodness without any of the aftertaste.  Our products use Sucralose sweetener. Sucralose is FDA approved and zero on Glycemic Index. For a detailed information, see here.

We do not add sugar to Fast Protein products, and our Keto Protein Powder is sugar free. 

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