Fitness Nutrition is just as important as Working Out
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Fitness Nutrition is just as important as Working Out

 Your diet is as important as your workout to get you in shape. This is especially true if you want to get a nice set of abs. You can do a thousand crunches a day, but you won’t have anything to show for them if your diet is high in carbs and fat (yes good and bad fat).

To get the best of both worlds, workout regularly and eat a clean diet. Carbohydrates in moderation should come from whole grains such as wild rice, black rice, brown rice, or potato and protein should be from lean meat such as salmon, turkey, etc. Don't forget your salad and veggies. And only a spoon full of salad dressing, if any. Salad dressing is full of sugar and fat. We recommend a bowl of cooked spinach along with your green salad.

And yes, a sachet of Fast Protein Powder with your favorite beverage (we recommend unsweetened almond milk and/or unsweetened oat milk) when you get hungry as a healthy snack.

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